The importance of Drones in Agro-Technology !!



 Now drones are going to play an important role. Drones will reduce the manpower requirement. At present, a campaign has been started to attract farmers towards drones by showing a demo of spraying insecticides on paddy plants with drones. The government is also getting its results assessed through Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

Spraying pesticides on plants through drones will save both time and labor of farmers. Due to the spraying of the drone, the medicine will reach every corner of the crop, due to which the pests that damage the crops can be easily controlled. Spraying with the drone takes less amount of medicine and water and more crops are sprayed.

Drones saw a revolutionary change for the farmers watching the demo. But, no one has any information about how long the facility of drones will reach the common farmers. The cost of a drone is about six and a half lakh rupees. From when the government will make this drone service available to the farmers, it has not been decided yet at the government level.

In the 21st century, Indian agriculture is passing through the race of progress and farmers are getting benefited by adopting new research and new techniques regularly. Drip irrigation and various types of machines are being used for agriculture in India. Now drones have also been included in this. It is worth noting that now the farmers of the country can use drones for farming. For this, guidelines have been issued by the Union Ministry of Agriculture. Only DGCA certified pilots will be allowed to fly agricultural drones.

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